Distribution in Kibati with IMC started yesterday. UNICEF was amongst the first to get of Goma and start distribution. The amount of people needing aid and the duration since they last got food made the distribution difficult. We distributed high energy biscuits BP5 and medical supplies for the centre which had been looted by government soldiers. - Flick/Julien Harneis

By The Business Globalist

“If 2017 did not look good, predictions for 2018 are no better: violence and insecurity are likely to deteriorate in Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Libya, Ethiopia, Mali, Somalia and Syria next year“. These are the words written by ACAPS director Lars Peter Nissen in a recent report (the full report can be downloaded here).

The ACAPS, a nonprofit organization that supports the global humanitarian sector, published Thursday a report in which examined the humanitarian crisis in 18 countries to “identify likely developments and corresponding needs”.

The forecast for 2018 is alarming. The humanitarian crisis will put security food under pressure in many countries: parts of the population are at risk of famine, especially in Yemen, Nigeria, Congo-Brazzaville, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Much of the humanitarian crisis are concentrated in Africa (Libya, Mali, Nigeria, Sudan, Yemen, Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo, Central African Republic), in Middle East (Palestine, Syria and Iraq) and in Southern Asia (Afghanistan, Myanmar and Bangladesh). In South America the insecurity risks will in increase in Venezuela, due to the economic crisis and political deadlock.

humanitarian overview
humanitarian overview

Most humanitarian crises are driven by conflict, with a spread in violence and shifts in tactics this year in several countries”, say the report.

This will put the Europe under pressure, with the immigration flows that are not going to cease towards the Old Continent. The European Union’s countries are divided on the issue, with the political parties more interested to defend their own vision than find a common solution.

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