Bitcoin - CC0 Public Domain

By Raffaele Del Gatto

2017 will be reminded as one of the greatest among cryptocurrency enthusiasts, crypto miners and bitcoin owners. The surge of Bitcoin, the most famous cryptocurrency on the planet, has been impressive and consistent for the whole year.

On January 2017 Bitcoin touched $1.000 for the first time and on December it values 10 times as much, surpassing the $10.000 ( bringing its climb this year to more than 1,000 percent). The consensus and the future of the cryptocurrency it’s unclear, with some analysts predicting price to rise over $100.000 (John McAfee’s target price for 2020 is $1 million) while others keeps seeing it as a bubble ready to burst at any time.

Meanwhile, one thing is clear and undeniable: the price keeps rising and along with it its market cap.  With all Bitcoin in circulation, the cryptocurrency has now a market cap of $190 billions, and it continue to rise very fast.

Bitcoin value is currently above economies such as New Zealand (whose economy is valued $185 billion), Romania ($188), Iraq ($175), Algeria ($165). The Bitcoin economy surpasses even giant companies as Pepsi, McDonald’s and Boeing, as reported from Bloomberg. 

At these values, Satoshi Nagamoto’s fortune is worth about $10 billion, turning him one the richest person in the World (he now stay in the top 250th). The pseudonymous creator is estimated to own 980,000 bitcoins, amassed from mining the cryptocurrency in its early days.


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