North Korea's ballistic missile. - PROStefan Krasowski/Flick

By The Business Globalist

North Korean’s nuclear sites are causing problems to the nearby citizens, as they are spreading a “ghost disease” causing deformations. This is what Korean defectors are saying to the international press.

“So many people died we began calling it ‘ghost disease. We thought we were dying because we were poor and we ate badly. Now we know it was the radiation”, told to NBC News  Lee Jeong Hwa, a defector who was living near a nuclear testing site.

There’s no scientific consensus to support defectors claiming about the nuclear contamination. Lee Jeong Hwa tested negative for radiation, and it’s nearly impossible to prove a direct connection between nuclear testing and other contamination cases.

However, Seoul sources talk about rising problems with the local environment and a rise on babies birth defects.

Kim Jong-un has conducted in six years more tests that during Kim Jong-il and Kim Il-sung’s regimes combined together, as reported by CNN. Nuclear sites’ satellite images indicate other imminent nuclear tests, while U.S. experts think Pyongyang could conduct a new missile test within days, as reporter by Reuters.

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