These stocks did as good as Bitcoin in 2017

Bitcoin’s stellar rally in 2017 impressed many analysts, especially the most pessimists: with a performance of over 1000% the crypto-currency is without doubt one of the best asset of 2017.

Although, Bitcoin is not the only instruments to soar over 1000%. The are other three stocks which made similar performances: Pepper Food Service Co., a restaurant chain in Japan founded in 1995; India’s HEG Ltd., a leading manufacturer and exporter of graphite electrodes; Indiabulls Ventures Ltd., which provides securities, commodities and currency broking services.

Best stocks and instruments of 2017
The chart compares the BITCOIN against other stocks which performed over 1000% in 2017.
In orange Indiabulls Ventures Ltd., in cyan Pepper Food Service, and in green HEG Ltd. – Technician

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