Nintendo Switch’s sales push stock to 2008 levels

Nintendo can forget the Wii U’s colossal flop and celebrate 2017 as one of the best year ever, as the newborn Nintendo Switch’s sales soar over 10 million units.

Nintendo Switch is selling as fast as Sony Playstation 4 and is about to reach its old brother Nintendo Wii U, which sold 13,56 million units in its four-year life span. The Japanese company predicts to sell over 16 million Switch by the end of March 2018 and Nintendo plans to produce 25-30 million Switch in the next fiscal year (April 2018 through March 2019).

Nintendo’s stock ( XTKS:7974 ) is on 2008 levels, coming from a rally started on June 2016 with Pokemon Go phenomena. Technically speaking, prices made a throwback on 2008 lows after the 2010 high’s breakout, and in the short-mid term the stock is still in a up-trend (see picture below). However, much will depend on Nintendo Switch’s sales as well as Nintendo plans to replace Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo stock
Nintendo stock on a monthly chart, updated to 12th December 2017 – Technician


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