Russia announced a new anti-aircraft artillery system

Russia’s Ministry of Defence announced on Wednesday a new anti-craft artillery system is being developed in the Ground Forces. The new system, whose name was not mentioned, will replace the old ZSU-23-4 “Shilka” system, in service since 1962.

Russia’s new New anti-aircraft artillery system. Credit: © Russian Ministry of Defence/Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

“This complex is designed to engage air targets such as tactical UAVs, single rocket launchers, cruise missiles, shock elements of WTO systems and tactical aviation aircraft, fire support helicopters, as well as surface and surface lightly armored targets,” said Russian Ministry of Defence.

“In addition, in 2018, equipment was planned with modern weapons and equipment, including: two military formations of air defense – short-range antiaircraft missile system Tor-M2; an air defense unit operating in the Arctic and the Far North conditions with a Tor-M2DT short-range anti-aircraft missile system; air defense units of combined-arms formations – a portable anti-aircraft missile system “Verba”, added the Defense Ministry.

Russia is in the middle of military renewing, and in late 2017 President Vladimir Putin approved Russia’s State Armament Program (SAP) for 2018-2027. The SAP will give “specific attention on precision weaponry, as it is a present-day tendency in the development of all armed conflicts”, said Russian Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov on 23 November 2017. “Top priority, naturally, will be given to the development of nuclear deterrence systems as a key type of armed forces which guarantees security of our country in conflicts of any kind,” he added.

Russia used Syria’s ground to test some of its most advanced new weapons, including SU-34 fighter jet and cruise missiles.


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  1. Russia is seemingly ‘taking the ‘lead’ in fulfilling the ‘need’ as left by the departing US. in many places, countries, throughout the World. It is a response to the ‘nature’ of ‘isolationism’ and onesidedness of Republican thinking and action that is currently being created and lived out, so appears to be happening. It is a good thing that Russia has the ‘vision’ and the ‘will’ to be an become involved and ability to overcome an increasingly hostile and closed mentality of American policy. Along with China. Iran. and recent Pakistan overture, among ‘other countries’, Russia is appealing and appears to have become the ‘haven’ for ‘working together’ to overcome ‘change’, while having the military ‘might’ to do what it says it can do. Kudo’s to Putin, and the leadership of China, and other countries that are taking a ‘stand’, against the American unfortunate and misunderstood policies.

    Become aware of the policy…

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