By The Business Globalist

Heavy rainfall and extreme cold are hitting the Gaza Strip region very hard, and the situation is getting worse for many Gazans living in precarious conditions. Weather forecasters said on Thursday heavy rains and strong wing, accompanied by a cold wave, will hit region, which is not new to extreme weather phenomena. Heavy storms had been hitting badly the Gaza Strip in the last three years, and thousands of residents were evacuated due to massive floods.

Local authorities said the extreme cold could lead to humanitarian disasters, due to a shortage of fuel and poor infrastructures. In the Gaza Strip several families live in makeshift houses or houses sheltering, and fearing the floods hundreds have already left their homes in many parts of the Strip.

Rescue teams were ready to deal with the natural disaster, and using fishing boats they were able to move residents to safe places, said the Palestinian Ministry of Works.

Gaza Strip’s residents are living in desperate state due to poor economic conditions, and Israeli media warned that the severe deterioration of living standards may lead to another war.

The situation in the Gaza Strip deteriorated since Israeli military offensives damaged sewage, water and communication infrastructures, while Israeli authorities don’t allow the import of many machinery, including pipes, pumps and steel cables.

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