By Raffaele Del Gatto

Philippines’ Taal volcano, one year on – in pictures

When Taal volcano, a popular tourist site in Batangas, erupted a year ago 5,000 people fled the island. It’s still considered dangerous. The government bans former residents from returning but some still live there in tents Continue reading…

the Guardian

‘Untouchable’ Bollywood poster provokes outrage over caste stereotypes

Upper-caste actor playing Dalit politician Mayawati shown dishevelled and holding broom in publicity for new filmA picture of a woman holding a broom. Anywhere else, the image might pass unnoticed. But in India the poster for the film Madam Chief Minister, loosely based on the life of po…

the Guardian

UK report reveals ‘disgraceful’ gender inequality in the arts

Research exposes sustained levels of gender imbalance across theatre, film and TV, with fears that it will be worsened by pandemicGender inequality across the theatre industry is of rising concern and likely to grow in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic if it is not urgently addresse…

the Guardian

‘Child spies’ bill could face Lords defeat as Tory peers rebel

Guidance on use of children undercover in covert intelligence bill has caused cross-party outcryTory peers, bishops and crossbenchers could inflict defeat on the government after an outcry over new guidance which allows state agencies to use children as undercover spies as part of the go…

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