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The Latest: French teachers, students march for more aid

BRUSSELS The European Union is warning pharmaceutical giants developing coronavirus vaccines to honor their contractual obligations.
Slow deliveries from two companies hampered its vaccine rollout in several nations. The bloc criticized pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, accusing it of failing to guarantee delivery of coronavirus vaccines without valid explanation. Its facing delivery delays from Pfizer due to a plant upgrade in Belgium.
The EU has committed to b…


Brexit Britain to lure investors in from around world with major economic ‘liberalisation’

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Brexit Britain: UK tipped for economic comeback
(Image: GETTY)
“The UK should come back at least to a meaningful degree into the horizon of many investors from which it has been absent for half a decade,” continued Mr Das.
The economist’s predictionscome after Chancellor Rishi Sunak prom…


Rajinikanth asks fans to stop stir aimed at coercing him to join politics

held a demonstration urging their screen idol to plunge into Tamil Nadu politics.
The actors fans held banners reading ‘Va Thalaivaa Va (Come Leader Come), Ippo Illaina, Eppovum Illai (If Not Now, Never) and urged Rajinikanth to get into state politics as he had announced earlier.
The actor took U-turn from his earlier stand that he would float his party in January 2021 and that an announcement in that regard would be made on December 31, 2020. On December 29, Rajinikanth announced h…


Nintendo Tells Businesses Not To Use Animal Crossing For Politics

has set down some rules that say what sort of content these groups are actually allowed to use in the game. Amongst other rules that ask people not to share false information in the game and not to use the game as a marketing platform that will direct players to activities or campaigns outside the game world. Additionally, Nintendo has forbidden anybody from gaining financial benefit from the game or creating content that could be considered vulgar, discriminatory, or offensive but the…


Black MPs on the ‘white male club’ of British politics and Black Lives Matter

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As Black History Month arrives in the UK, Business Insider has spoken to black members of parliament about what it is like to be a black person in British politics.
The MPs spoke frankly about their own experiences of racism in the predominantly white, male-dominated world of Westminster.
Some of the MPs spoke about being mistaken by white officials, politicians and journalists for ot…


Charts of the Week: COVID-19s impacts on politics, small businesses, and mortality

In this edition of Charts of the Week, three items focused on how the coronavirus pandemic is impacting our politics, undermining small businesses, and leading to disproportionate deaths among non-white Americans.
Jonathan Rothwell and Christos Makridis examine
Gallup survey and other data on Americans attitudes about the coronavirus pandemic, finding that partisan affiliation is often the strongest single predictor of behavior and attitudes about COV…


Are there only two parties in American politics?

Republican Party
Founded in 1792 by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, the Democratic Party has positioned itself as the liberal party on domestic issues since 1912.
In 2004, it was the largest political party, with 72 million registered voters. Although his party lost the 2004 elections, Barack Obama later went on to become president in 2009 and continued to be the president until January 2017.
Obama was the 15th Democrat to hold the office, and from the 2006 midterm elections until the 2014…


Mike Pompeos RNC Appearance Shreds the Gap Between Politics and Government Business Mother Jones

Alex Wong/Getty
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Mike Pompeos speech at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday is strange. And not because of anything he saidbut because it happened at all. When he appeared via a recorded address from Jerusalem, praising President Donald Trump for bold initiatives in nearly every corner of the world, he showed a bold disregard for federal law that shouldhave stopped him fromparticipatin…


New social compact needed in post-Covid-19 world: Tharman, Politics News & Top Stories
The Covid-19 pandemic has seen governments around the world unleash unprecedented fiscal firepower to save jobs and help workers. But amid calls for the state to play a larger role, size is not all that matters – there must be a new social compact that directs markets and empowers communities towards public goals, said Senior Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam.
He was speaking at a virtual discussion organised by the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (LKYSPP) yesterday, titled…


National MP Paula Bennett calls time on politics, ventures into ‘business world’

Former Prime Minister John Key had told her to sort her golf swing, and she would look to do that, but she was most excited about business opportunities.
She had no plans for a tell-all book at this stage, she said.
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Bennett said the past two and a half years in Opposition is where she has “probably learnt the most”.
“The whole thing though has been a hell of a ride and I have loved it. Now it is time for the next chapter. I am excited to take the skills I have …


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