About The Business Globalist

Hello World!

I’m Raffaele Del Gatto, former HR manager and World editor of IBTimes Italy, a Newsweek Group’s newspaper. The management decided to shout down our edition on June 2017 and that concluded a 6 years collaboration for me and for my former colleagues.

The online website it.ibtimes.com had been totally deleted on July without  an explicit warning and all our precious work is gone along with it. I was able to do a partial wget backup but I haven’t find the time yet to upload my older articles, that for now are visible on Internet Archive (yes, all articles are in Italian).

On August I started to work on two projects: The Business Globalist and Jobs Into Media. The latter is a free Job Board for the media sector,  with a strong focus on Journalism. Jobs Into Media It’s a working in progress project and in the next months I wish to build tools for both companies and professionals.

The Business Globalist is a blog which covers worldwide, business and tech news, along with my own analysis on important events. 

Please, note that all the work here is done on a free basis. I’m doing everything alone, both writing and coding, with the sole passion and the motivation to realise something useful for my readers and for the media community. All articles are published without copy editing and sometimes you may find misspelled words or grammatical errors. If you see any mistakes or any bugs you are encouraged to contact me through the Contact Form.

Turning this blog into a big newspaper will be very challenging but I will never give up.

At the moment I’m not accepting any form of collaboration, neither from freelancers, although in the future a valid team of journalists will be required.