The Business Globalist is an independent publication, which bases its content merely on data. As traditional journalism is losing the capacity to fully interpreter and describe the complex reality we are all living in, The Business Globalist believes that the new frontier of information will be represented by a generation of newspapers, whose analysis are strongly supported by data.

The Business Globalist is, in this very moment, an independent blog created by Raffaele Del Gatto, former HR manager and world editor for the Italian edition of IBTimes  (a Newsweek Media Group’s news site, which has been discontinued by parent company in July 2017).

The publication doesn’t support any political party, institution or organization, nor is financed by any of these subjects. The objective, in the near future, is to turn The Business Globalist into a nonprofit organization, which aims to promote data science, statistic, business and investment analysis, and any kind of analysis powered by data.

In short, The Business Globalist wants to promote real objective information through data, without the interference of ‘human opinions’.