Ford announces plans to shift productions of electric SUV to Mexico

Ford Michigan Assembly Plant

Thursday 7 December, Ford announced plans to make electric SUV at its Cuatitlan factory, in Mexico. The company declared that shifting production of an electric SUV from the U.S. to Mexico will allow to make more self-driving vehicles in Michigan.

The automaker said in March it would not build a new plant in Mexico and it announced to expand the production of EVs and autonomous cars in Flat Rock, a move that would created 700 jobs, as the company said. The plan was prepared after Donald Trump threatened to withdraw the U.S. from the North American Free Trade Agreement. The United Automobile Workers (UAW) told to Free Press that “the latest decision by Ford to produce the EVs in Mexico will not result in fewer jobs at home because the union already negotiated future job commitments”.

Furthermore, Ford  announced to add a second autonomous vehicle to the Flat Rock Assembly Plant and to increase the investment in Flat Rock to $900 million as well as hire a total of 850 workers.

Musk defeats MADA in Missouri court: Tesla can sell EVs in Missouri state again


Thursday 7 December, the Missouri Court of Appeals has overturned last year verdict to ban Tesla from getting a license in Missouri’s State.  Musk’s company was forced to close all stores in the state after the Missouri Automobile Dealers Association (MADA) tried to have Tesla’s dealer license revoked. Tesla can now resume selling cars directly to consumers: “We have been serving customers in Missouri for almost five years and have contributed to the state economy and jobs for Missourians, something that will now continue,” the company said in a statement.

The appeals court rejected the plaintiffs’ arguments that the MADA was entitled to challenge the issuance of licenses to Tesla, and the court point out that the association was effectively a Tesla rival trying to avoid competition and not looking after the public interest.

Tesla operates two stores and a service centre in Missouri (one in Kansas City and one in University City) and it can now sell EVs to customers again without having to go through third-party dealers.