Singapore is preparing for militant attacks

Singapore’s armed officers are making several simulated gunmen attack demonstrations, as the wealthy island-state will host this week the defence ministers from around Southeast Asia. The government is always worried over terrorist attacks on its territory, and during the inaugural Terrorism Threat Assessment Report released in 2017, the Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) said “Singapore is very much on its radar”- referring to the Islamic State – , and that the threat against the country is “the highest in recent years”.

“Singapore continues to face a serious security threat from both homegrown radicalised individuals and foreign terrorists who continue to see Singapore as a prized target,” said the MHA, who replied to Reuters’ questions.

Singapore is one of the safest place of the world and it hasn’t received any attacks since 9/11, which is why it is at bottom of the Global Terrorism Index. But even so, over 70 percent of Singaporeans are still worried of terrorist attacks and believe it’s just a matter of time before terrorists hit their country.

The government is using a hardline approach to counter the terrorism, and any people, children included, is encouraged to report suspect activities to police officers. For this purpose has been designed a mobile app, SGSecure, which helps Singaporean citizen to alert the authorities for dangerous situations, but the app so far hasn’t been positively welcomed, as it’s poorly designed.